Material Delivery Allows Progress With Corris Railway Southern Extension

Tuesday, 13.2.2024. Further deliveries are tipped, which Cai spreads ...

The beginning of February brought welcome news for those awaiting progress with the building of the embankment that will eventually see the doubling in length of the revived section of the Corris Railway, south of Maespoeth Junction.

The works have been awaiting the availability and delivery of suitable material to allow the construction to proceed. With the completion the new road bridge over the River Dyfi at Machynlleth the Corris has been able to take delivery of material from the project and it was hoped that the first deliveries would mean that there would be more lorries making their way up the A487 to the unloading point. This turned out to be the case with up to twenty lorry loads a day arriving and discharging in mid-February.

Once the load has been discharged from the lorry it requires spreading and moving to allow work on raising the height of the new embankment. This means the deployment of suitable plant and machinery plus people to operate it and progressing apace to allow more material to be delivered.

On receiving the material, the first move is to prepare the ground on which it is to be tipped. This requires the topsoil and sub-soil to be excavated to sound material to form a level bench in the steep sidelong sloping ground. These benches form a series of steps along the hillside, upon which is placed drainage stone replicating the steps. Over this foundation/drainage layer geotextile is laid, upon which the general fill being delivered can be tipped, spread and rolled in.

In anticipation of an influx of very suitable material such as this, the Corris’ contractors had cut benches above the level of the general fill then available, over the past year or so, so that the embankment could come up almost a metre before having to cut any further benches. With a few loads to begin with, followed by a week of intensive operations, this pretty much reached the limit of what what could be coped with until new benches were cut. As a result, 4 loads were stock piled elsewhere on site. More benching was planned for the third weekend of February ahead of more loads of material being delivered.

This news has other wider implications for the Corris revivalists in 2024. The material has to be paid for and there will be other bills to be met arising from the use of the plant and machinery. The Corris has accumulated a good sized fund to meet the costs of the Southern Extension but with more work to be done including providing a crossing over the Nant Goedwig stream more money will need to be raised via trading and donations. Anyone who feels able to help and to eventually enjoy a longer journey by narrow gauge train in the Dulas Valley can donate via or by sending a cheque, payable to Corris Railway, to Corris Railway (SE), Station Yard, Corris, Machynlleth, SY20 9SH.

Two Steam Locomotives On Corris Railway As “Tattoo” No. 7 Approaches “10 Year Mark”

Number 7 and 10 at Maespoeth

With the arrival of the new “Falcon” 0-4-2ST locomotive in August 2023 the locomotive shed at Maespoeth Junction on the Corris Railway houses two steam engines on a permanent basis for the first time since 1948 and both should be available to head steam trains from Corris station in 2024. It should be noted that normally only one locomotive will work on each operating day.

However the Corris’ older steam loco, “Tattoo” No. 7, which entered service in 2005 will fall due for its second “10 Year” overhaul during the winter months. As with all of these stoppages it is uncertain how much this work will cost and its likely duration. Both will depend on how much of the work can be carried out by the railway’s own volunteers.

Winter work has been carried out on both Nos. 7 and 10 at Maespoeth. For those who saw No. 10 working in September and October a pair of visible differences will be the lining-out of the paintwork and less obviously adjustments to the buffer fittings.

Public train services on the Corris will resume on Good Friday and will then run on selected days until the end of October. As always the number of days is limited by the number of volunteers available to operate the trains and staff the Museum and Shop at Corris. Anyone interested in joining in can contact the Railway via or 07785 765874.

Falcon No. 10 – Up For A “Steam Railway” Award For The Second Year Running

Falcon locomotive No. 10 leaving Maespoeth Junction.

For the second year running the Corris Railway’s new Falcon steam locomotive is in the running for a Heritage Railway Association Award which is chosen by the readers of “Steam Railway” magazine. In 2022 the locomotive was nominated following its initial steaming at Alan Keef Ltd and for the 2023 awards it is again on the list following its entry into traffic in September, meaning that there are now two steam locomotives permanently based on the line for the first time since 1948.

There are nine other projects that were completed in 2023 up for voters’ consideration. These include the Ffestiniog Railway for their new steam locomotive “James Spooner” and the Llangollen Railway for completing their extension of the running line and construction of a new station at Corwen.

The Corris members are delighted that the Falcon has made the nominations list twice in two years and hope that people will vote for them via

Voting will close on January 8th 2024.

The Corris Railway has produced a 36 page booklet, illustrated throughout in colour, telling the story of the “Falcon” locomotive from its beginning to its completion. It costs £3.00 and can be purchased from the online shop at

Public service trains on the Corris will resume at Easter but the volunteer workforce will be busy with maintenance and restoration work ahead of the new season.

The Corris Railway At The 2023 Annual Warley National Model Railway Exhibition

WNMRE 2023 E78

A key part of the lead-up to Christmas for model railway enthusiasts is the Annual Warley National Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC Birmingham which this year takes place on November 25th between 9:45am and 6:00pm and November 26th between 9:45am and 5:00pm.

The Corris Railway will have a stand there (E78 in Hall 5) selling a wide range of Corris related books and goods including Christmas cards, our 2024 calendar and the new booklet telling the story of the construction of our new steam locomotive, “Falcon” No. 10. If you aren’t attending the show these can be purchased from our online shop at any time.

And after Warley it is only two weeks to our Santa Trains which will be running on December 9th and 10th from Corris Station at 11.00am, 12.30pm, 2.00pm and 3:30pm. Pre-booking is essential as seats are limited and tickets can be booked online now at any time.

New Corris Railway Steam Locomotive Completes Its 2023 Service As The Volunteers Prepare The Winter Work Programme

The new Corris Railway steam locomotive “Falcon” No. 10 completed its first spell of operations on October 21st having headed all passenger trains since its entrance into traffic on September 8th. The locomotve has worked very well since delivery from Alan Keef Ltd but as is inevitable with a new machine a snagging list was drawn up as No. 10 worked and engineer’s from Keef’s and the Corris were due to work on these minor problems in the last week in October. In the new year its paintwork will be completed by the addition of lining out ahead of the resumption of passenger train services at Easter 2024. A 36 page full colour booklet telling the story of the “Falcon” from inception to its first workings has been produced and can be purchased from the Corris’ website shop for £3 plus p and p.

Before that the annual Santa Trains will run on December 9th and 10th and these will be headed by the Corris’ other steam locomotive “Tattoo” No. 7. Bookings should be made in advance on-line as seats are limited.

Whilst the “Falcon” has attracted news stories and passengers other projects have been taken forward by the volunteers and work will continue through the winter. The latest new build carriage is moving towards completion in the workshops at Maespoeth Junction and when finished will offer First Class accommodation for the first time in the history of the line’s revival. Amongst developments with the waggon fleet a new trestle waggon has been completed so that the Railway can demonstrate once again how slabs of slate were once conveyed along the Dulas Valley from the quarries to the mainline station at Machynlleth. Painting, track maintenance and control of lineside vegetation is always ongoing and more volunteers will be welcome. Track work is cheaper than gym fees.

Having seen the finale of one major project with the completion of No. 10 and its arrival on the line the Corris will now turn its thoughts and efforts to a very big target, extending the line southward from Maespoeth Junction to Pont Y Goedwig which will double the length of the journey for passengers. Work to be done and funded includes completion of a new embankment and bridging the Goedwig stream itself. The new embankment is underway but it and the crossing will now be the “large project” focus.

The embankment is necessitated by the loss of part of the original route of the line to road improvements made to the A487.

Last Day Of Corris Railway Trains Until December

Saturday October 21st will be the last day of Corris Railway trains for the 2023 main season and a chance to ride behind No. 10, our new “Falcon” steam locomotive which will head the 11.00, 12.00, 13.30, 14.30 and 15.30 trains from Corris station.

The train trips are ideal for families with children. The short trip doesn’t allow for boredom to set in while the adults enjoy the beauties of the Dulas Valley in autumn and we provide some quizzes to be tried. And if the children need to let off steam there is a playground beside Corris station.

Our Museum and Shop at Corris station will be open and with Christmas getting closer there are our Christmas cards and our 2024 Calendar to purchase along with other goods for all ages.

Our next trains will be our Santa Specials on December 9th and 10th for which seats can be booked in advance on-line.

The New Corris Falcon Steam Locomotive Will Work Santa Trains In December

Falcon drawing into Corris Station 080923 1040

For many people connected with the revival of the Corris Railway, Christmas came early this year with the delivery of the new steam locomotive, Falcon – No. 10, on August 30th and it beginning to work service trains on September 9th.

So it is appropriate that it will work the special trains from Corris station on December 9th and 10th taking passengers to meet Santa Claus making his annual visit to the Railway at Maespoeth Junction. Of course he will have a present for every child travelling on his special trains and his helpers will have seasonal refreshments for all.

The Museum and Shop at Corris station will be open and among the goods on sale will be our 2024 Calendar and a booklet telling the story of how No. 10 was made, plus our Christmas cards. These can be purchased online now in the case of the calendar and cards and from Saturday September 23rd onwards for the new booklet.

If you can’t wait that long to enjoy a journey behind No. 10 it will be heading trains on September 23rd, 24th, and 30th and on October 7th, 14th and 21st (not the 3:30pm train on this day).

The New Corris Railway Falcon Steam Locomotive Has Arrived

Wednesday August 30th 2023 was notable for promising not just a super moon, the largest of the year, but also a blue moon.

On a more local scale it was also notable for the arrival at the Corris Railway of its new steam locomotive No. 10, the Falcon, from the workshops of Alan Keef Ltd based in the village of Lea near Ross-on-Wye. It was the second newly constructed steam locomotive to be built for the revival of the oldest narrow gauge railway in Mid Wales following the delivery of Tattoo No. 7 in 2005. The new arrival will mean that there will be two steam locomotives permanently based in the Maespoeth Junction locomotive shed since 1948.

The arrival of the Falcon marks a final stage in a project that has taken over twelve years and four hundred thousand pounds to take it from a proposal to completion. Many thanks goto the folk at Alan Keef’s for their patience and phasing of the construction as funds were raised and the quality of their workmanship. Some components were made commercially in Bradford, the East and West Midlands and Kent whilst others are the outcome of the engineering skills of some Corris Railway Society volunteers. Thanks are due to all concerned on that front and also to the people who have made financial contributions, bought sales goods from stands at shows or bought raffle tickets. Everyone concerned can look at No. 10 and think – I helped to make that possible.

The new locomotive will make its public debut over the weekend of September 9th and 10th heading passenger trains that will leave Corris station at 11.00, 12.00, 13.30, 14.30 and 15.30. Tickets can be booked from in the next couple of days. The Railway’s shop and museum at Corris station will be open.

Other operating dates planned for No. 10 will be September 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th, 30th and October 7th, 14th and 21st at the same times as above. Note that on October 21st the 15.30 train will be diesel worked.

Any enforced variance from these plans will be notified online.

There is a separate special event being held by our friends and near neighbours at the Talyllyn Railway on September 23rd and 24th at which the Corris’ diminutive battery electric locomotive No. 9 will be a guest there whilst No. 10 works at Corris.

There will of course be some final invoices to be paid and any help with these will be appreciated either via the Falcon section of this website or by cheque, payable to Corris Railway, sent to Rosie Guest, 38 Underwood Close, Callow Hill, Redditch, B97 5YS.

75 Years After Closure Trains Will Run On The Corris Railway As It Looks Forward To An Annual Exhibition

Model Railway Layout

On the 20th of August 1948 a short freight train made its way up the Dulas Valley on the narrow gauge line between Machynlleth and Aberllefenni. The route was once the Corris Railway but it was by then a small branch line operated on three days a week by British Railways who were keeping an eye on the way bank erosion of the River Dyfi was encroaching on the lineside at Machynlleth. As concern grew the decision was made that the railway would have to close and that small train was to be the last.

Over the following months the tracks were lifted and it looked as though the Corris was lost for ever. More happily the two steam engines found a new home at the Talyllyn Railway where they have worked for seven decades along with the brake van from that last train.

However thanks to the patient work of the volunteers and many years of fund raising trains will be running between Corris Station and Maespoeth Junction on August 20th this year. Passenger trains, headed by steam locomotive No. 7, a descendant of the 1921 built No. 4 now at the Talyllyn, will leave Corris Station at 11.00, 12.00, 13.30, 14.30 and 15.30.

A week later the Corris Railway Society’s annual Model Railway Exhibition will be held at Y Plas in Machynlleth on August 26th and 27th. This year’s event will, perhaps appropriately, feature a large number of narrow gauge layouts in various scales but there will also be a range of exhibits in other scales. For those in a nostalgic mood one layout will feature Hornby Dublo, still going strong six decades after the famous marque was discontinued and another will see Tri-ang Big-Big trains running on their plastic track. In addition to the layouts there will be a variety of sales stands and refreshments will be on sale. Car parking is available nearby.

Trains will be running from Corris Station on both days whilst the Exhibition is on.

Apparent Time Warp As New Corris Steam Locomotive Is Prepared For Painting And Final Reassembly

Visitors to the workshops of Alan Keef Ltd at the end of June who have been following the construction of the new Corris Falcon steam locomotive could have been forgiven for thinking they had stepped back in time by twelve months. No. 10 had been partially dismantled and resembled its condition in early summer 2022.

However this does not mean that a problem has arisen, rather that the construction of Corris Railway No. 10 is nearing its completion as this stripping down is to prepare the locomotive for fitting of boiler cladding and painting. The livery that it will carry will be similar to that sported by Corris Railway Tattoo No. 7 which has been working on the revived section of the Mid Wales narrow gauge line since 2005.

With the final assembly and painting due to take place there will also be final invoices to be paid and any contributions towards these will be welcome. Online payments can be made via or cheques, payable to Corris Railway can be sent to Peter Guest, 38 Underwood Close, Callow Hill, Redditch, B97 5YS.

TICKET OFFICE: Pre-booking is advisable! Tickets are limited, passengers are advised to book in advance through our websiteBook Now