Components Large And Small As Work Continues On “Falcon” No. 10 For The Corris Railway

After the trial fitting of the boiler to the new build Falcon 0-4-2ST being constructed for the revival of the Corris Railway, work has continued on the construction and erection of the locomotive in the workshops of Alan Keef Ltd.

One of the largest individual and most visible of the sections being worked on is the cab, a taller version of that carried by the original trio of Corris locos. After an initial trial assembly in the Nottingham workshop of a Corris Railway Society volunteer the sections were taken to Keef’s and were placed on the frames for the first time. As expected this showed some minor adjustment work would be required but overall this part of the project has gone well.

Meanwhile a Derby based CRS volunteer has been active in his workshop and is working together with the staff at Keef’s to produce components for the brake gear. More volunteer produced items in the form of the buffers have been sent from the Railway’s workshops at Maespoeth Junction to be eventually united with the rest of the new construction.

Footplate sections are in place with some pipe runs that will fit beneath them in situ and drawhook blanks have been delivered ready for machining. The regulator quadrant has been produced.

A deadline of the end of February has been set for the Corris to supply various components to Keef’s with a view to meeting the September 2022 completion date target.

These include:

  • The remaining brake parts the Corris Railway is responsible for.
  • Salter spring balances, boiler fittings, springs for the trailing truck and draw hooks, cab windows, CAD design and laser cutting files for the saddle tank. Some of the individual boiler fittings can be sponsored via
  • In addition there are the air brake valve and mechanical lubricator and, in liaison with the Talyllyn Railway, the air pump, and injectors.

Many of the above are well on the way already but there is a lot still to do to get them over the line. This includes the absolutely crucial matter of raising the necessary finance to get No. 10 into traffic in the Dulas Valley. Apart from the specific boiler components listed at Individual online donations can be made there or cheques payable to Corris Railway can be sent to Peter Guest, 38 Underwood Close, Callow Hill, Redditch, Worcestershire, B97 5YS. Peter can also supply forms for anyone who might wish to take out a short term regular standing order to help the locomotive towards completion.

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