Corris Railway to host Spring Gala on Sunday May 27th 2018

The Corris Railway will hold its third Spring Gala Day on Sunday May 27th with a variety of trains in action between Corris station and Maespoeth Junction.

Passenger and van train services will be handled by “Tattoo” steam locomotive number 7, Ruston Hornsby diesel number 6 and Orenstein and Koppel diesel number 11. The first locomotive to work during the revival of the Corris, Simplex number 5 “Alan Meaden” will head some demonstration works trains and Clayton battery electric number 9 “Aberllefenni” which once worked at the quarry is planned to be found in its usual role of carriage shed shunter at Maespoeth Junction. Visitors will be able see components for steam locomotive number 10 (currently under construction at the workshops of Alan Keef Ltd in Herefordshire as fund raising permits) at Maespoeth Junction. Beyond Maespoeth Junction the extended section of track, the first step on the southern extension of the line, will be in use giving passengers some chances to ride on this part of the Corris. Some steam – hauled passenger trains will start their return journeys to Corris on this section giving travellers a chance to hear number 7 getting to grips with a train on the gradient.

There will also be demonstration gravity trains but travel in these is limited to members of the Corris Railway Society.

The Railway’s Shop will be open at Corris station during the day and light refreshments will be available. Parking is only available at Corris station where all journeys will start and finish.

More information is available in the Corris Railway Spring Gala Timetable on Sunday May 27th 2018.

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