Corris Station

Photo montage of the proposed station
Photo montage of the proposed station.
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Another part of the development and future of the Railway includes a new version of Corris Station. The original building was highly unusual for a British narrow gauge line in that it had an overall roof to protect passengers from the rain when the weather when the weather fronts came ashore and ran up against the mountains of Snowdonia. Sadly this iconic structure was finally demolished in 1968. However we would like to partially recreate the scene as it once was and you can see what we wish to achieve elsewhere on this website. We have consulted with local residents and other stakeholders (and are continuing to do so) about our plans but as we extend and our trains become longer and busier the present layout just will not do. Construction timetables for the station part of the project will be subject to many factors, not least the cost of construction, but donations made here are bringing forward the day when an engine will steam under a station roof at Corris once more.

The Corris Railway Society 50th Birthday Appeal Updated

The Appeal
No. 3 in Corris Station pre-1948For 50 years the Corris Railway Society has been working to preserve and rebuild the Corris Railway. A fantastic amount has been achieved in this time. Looking at the railway that is running today, with its fine facilities and rolling stock, it is difficult to remember that, when the Society started its work all that remained of the original railway was a few dilapidated buildings. The track had been lifted and the track bed sold off. All the locomotives and rolling stock had been disposed of either into preservation on the Talyllyn Railway or scrapped. There was very little to work on. Since its formation the Society has created all that is now the Corris Railway. It has been a great beginning but their remains much to do.

To celebrate 50 years of the Corris Railway Society and kick-start the next phase of the adventure, in 2016 we launched an appeal to raise £300,000 for work in the Corris Station Area.

Thus far this has enabled us to:

  • Do the necessary preparation work by removing the redundant portacabin which stood on part of the site, mark out with fencing the area of the new station and extend the station platform.
  • Have the wall alongside the grounds of Corris School moved a metre by contractors. In conjunction with moving the station boundary by a similar distance this has created the extra space for the new track layout and station buildings. Cost £15,000.
  • To move the station boundary wall to preserve the public right of way between the school and the station. This too has been carried out by contractors. The wall has been replaced by fencing and the recovered stone will be used elsewhere in the revival of the Corris Railway. Cost £15,000.

The next stages are:

  • To renew the track between Braich Goch Farm Crossing and the station and install a new point at the station throat (cost £12-£14,000).
  • With a restricted site area it will be necessary to install a traverser to allow locomotives to run around its carriages (or waggons if a demonstration freight train is running). This will mean that for the first time since we began running trains we will be able to always have locos at the head of their trains (cost £35,000).
  • Construct a new curved platform to replace the present stubby triangle layout. This has to be done concurrently with the new track layout as the track plan cannot be fitted around the present platform and there is no point in having an engine at the front end of trains that the passengers cannot join. Once the above phases are complete, and the pace will depend in many respects on speed of fund raising, construction of the station buildings and the iconic roof can begin.
  • Work on the above stage of the project began in the autumn of 2021 with the delivery of plastic sleepers and rail fittings for the new track layout. At the same time work on refurbishing the station ground frame was carried out by volunteers in the Maespoeth Junction workshop. In November 2021 the track of the stub siding at the station was lifted.
  • At the end of March 2021 the Corris Railway committed to spending just short of fifty eight thousand pounds for the above works to take place between the end of December 2021 and March 2022, the Corris Railway’s closed season.
  • Work on the above stage of the project began in the autumn of 2021 with the delivery of plastic sleepers and rail fittings for the new track layout. At the same time work on refurbishing the station ground frame was carried out by volunteers in the Maespoeth Junction workshop. In November 2021 the track of the stub siding at the station was lifted. The plastic sleepers are made from recycled material and although initially costlier than wooden ones have a life expectancy that will take them into the 2050’s.
  • At the same time work had begun on construction of the traverser at Statfold Engineering. Together with a new point at the station throat this will allow locomotives to run around their trains at Corris for the first time since 1948.
  • After the 2021 Santa trains had run Corris Railway volunteers lifted the remaining track at the station including the existing point and removed the station platform. Most of the lifted materials will be used again as part of the Corris revival.
  • During the rest of January 2022 the track between Braich Goch Farm Crossing, south of Corris, and the station throat was relaid and the new point for the run round loop delivered. Over the next two months the point was installed and connected to the ground frame which had been refurbished by volunteers in the Maespoeth Jnc workshops.
  • The traverser was delivered from Statfold Engineering and installed.
  • During the last weekend of March 2022 Tattoo steam loco worked an empty coaching stock train to the station and successfully ran round using the new layout. No fouling of the new platform occurred.
  • Now that the above phases are complete there will be a pause before work on the station buildings and the iconic roof can begin. The works at the start of 2022 severely depleted the funds and these will need replenishing.

How can you help?
In addition to a volunteer workforce (to volunteer please make your initial contact via we need to raise the money to enable the Corris Railway to make the strides to complete this project.

Donate securely now using PayPal with the button below. You will be taken to the PayPal website where you can specify any amount – large or small – and you can easily specify a recurring amount to be donated. You do not need a PayPal account to donate to the Corris Railway in this way. If you prefer more traditional methods of payment cheques etc, made payable to Corris Railway, can be sent to the Corris Railway, Station Yard, Corris, Machynlleth, SY20 9SH

Gift Aid
PLEASE indicate and confirm in the box labelled “Add special instructions to the seller” on the PayPal page whether we can claim Gift Aid on your behalf. It does NOT cost you any more but the Corris Railway benefits from around 25p per pound donated.


Corris Station montage
Montage of the new station building
Passenger Service awaiting to depart from Corris Station
Passenger Service about to depart
New Station Toilets
Model depicting the new station layout…
New Station Toilets
…including toilet block.

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  • 8th October 2021 at 12:19 pm

    Hello. My wife and I will be staying in your vicinity next week but unfortunately not on a running day. Is it possible to visit the station/museum/sheds on any other days of the week? I am a working volunteer on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway (PWay). Thank you, Richard Kedge.

    • 9th October 2021 at 11:03 am

      I have contacted you directly by email Richard. If you need anything further then do please ask.

  • 30th July 2023 at 7:51 pm

    Are any trains running in August on Sundays


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