Corris Station

Photo montage of the proposed station
Photo montage of the proposed station.
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Another part of the Extension Plans includes a new version of Corris Station. The original building was highly unusual for a British narrow gauge line in that it had an overall roof to protect passengers from the weather when the weather fronts came ashore and ran up against the mountains of Snowdonia. Sadly this iconic structure was finally demolished in 1968. However we would like to partially recreate the scene as it once was and you can see what we wish to achieve elsewhere on this website. We have consulted with local residents and other stakeholders (and are continuing to do so) about our plans but as we extend and our trains become longer and busier the present layout just will not do. Construction timetables for the station part of the project will be subject to many factors, not least the cost of construction, but rest assured that any money going towards the Southern Extension is helping to bring forward the day when an engine will steam under a station roof at Corris once more.

The Corris Railway Society 50th Birthday Appeal

The Appeal
For 50 years the Corris Railway Society has been working to preserve and rebuild the Corris Railway. A fantastic amount has been achieved in this time. Looking at the railway that is running today, with its fine facilities and rolling stock, it is difficult to remember that, when the Society started its work, all that remained of the original railway was a few dilapidated buildings. The track had been lifted and the track bed sold off. All the locomotives and rolling stock had been disposed of either into preservation on the Talyllyn Railway or scrapped. There was very little to work on. Since its formation the Society has created all that is now the Corris Railway. It has been a great beginning but their remains much to do.

No. 3 in Corris Station pre-1948

To celebrate 50 years of the Corris Railway Society and kick-start the next phase of the adventure, we are launching an appeal to raise £300,000 for work in the Corris Station Area.

This will enable us to:

  • Do the necessary preparation work
  • Replace the existing trackwork between the Braich Goch Farm crossing and the station
  • Create the new platform and track layout including run round facilities
  • Build the new station.

We have planning permission for the proposed scheme. We own the necessary land and all the stages of the project that can be completed without a major funding package have been delivered. Now is the time to push forward.

Grants have been applied for and we will continue to pursue external funding wherever possible. If we are successful then any additional funds raised with this appeal will be spent on the railway’s southern extension.

The Scheme in more detail
The Railway Station in Corris is situated on a very restricted site. The majority of this is occupied by the village’s small car park. The entrance to the village primary school is in one corner of the site as is the short lane to Braich Goch Farm. Until very recently the doctor’s portakabin surgery not only restricted the site further but it also blocked any extension of the railway’s platform. In 2016, following the decision by the Local Health Board to cease to run the Surgery, the railway purchased the building and has subsequently removed it. This has opened the way to the development of the new station. The site, however, remains an important amenity to the village and we do not intend to make access to the school gates or the farm more difficult.

In preparation for the building of our new station we will first need to do the work necessary to enable us to change the track layout in Corris. One of the major difficulties in operating the Corris Railway is the lack of space in Corris. This means that we have no room to run round our train and the locomotive has to propel the train in one direction. Careful planning has allowed us to maximise our space and as a result we will be able to remodel our layout to provide run round facilities. This will, however require a slight repositioning of the farm lane. We have purchased the land to enable this and have all the necessary permissions to go ahead.

As part of the scheme we will need to replace the existing track work between the Braich Goch Farm accommodation crossing and the station. One of the first pieces of track work laid by the Corris Railway Society was the 100 metre stretch running south from the car park. This is laid with a mixture of historic rail types and some of the rails are reaching the end of their useful life. We plan to relay the whole of the line between the crossing and the new station to a much higher standard using rail and fixings that will be the same as those which will be used on our Southern Extension.

The next stage will be to create the new platform and track layout including run round facilities. Our exciting new station will be capable of holding four bogie coaches and the creation of a traverser and an engine release road will allow the locomotive to run round the train. This will require the complete re-working of the existing station arrangements and platform.

Finally we will build the new station building. The original Corris Station building was unique so far as the Welsh Narrow Gauge was concerned. It had an overall roof and incorporated a carriage shed. We do not have room to recreate this building but will reuse the west wall of the original building to once again support an overall roof. The new smaller building will use every inch of available space to provide much needed improved facilities for our passengers.

How can you help?
In addition to a volunteer workforce we need to raise the money to enable the Corris Railway to make the strides to complete this project.

Donate securely now using PayPal with the button below. You will be taken to the PayPal website where you can specify any amount – large or small – and you can easily specify a recurring amount to be donated. You do not need a PayPal account to donate to the Corris Railway in this way.

Gift Aid
PLEASE indicate and confirm in the box labelled “Add special instructions to the seller” on the PayPal page whether we can claim Gift Aid on your behalf. It does NOT cost you any more but the Corris Railway benefits from around 25p per pound donated.


Corris Station montage
Montage of the new station building
Passenger Service awaiting to depart from Corris Station
Passenger Service about to depart
New Station Toilets
Model depicting the new station layout…
New Station Toilets
…including toilet block.

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