More Passenger Trains And Three Locomotives In Steam At Corris Railway Gala Day – June 15th 2024

2019 Gala Day 060921.

Photograph shows a scene from the 2021 Gala Day when ex-Corris Railway No. 4 Tattoo Locomotive paid a visit from Talyllyn Railway to join replica Corris Railway No. 7.

This year’s Corris Railway Gala Day, which will be held on Saturday June 15th, will have a couple of changes to previous Galas on the Mid-Wales narrow gauge railway, Past galas have seen demonstration freight and van trains running between Corris station and Maespoeth Junction and some trains headed by diesel locomotives.

Instead this year’s plans intend to see three locomotives in steam. The Corris’ own Kerr Stuart “Tattoo” No. 7, completed in 2005, and its “Falcon” No. 10, delivered from the workshops of Alan Keef Ltd at the end of August 2023 and making its Gala debut. They will be joined by “Falcon” No. 3 “Sir Haydn”, courtesy of the Talyllyn Railway, which will be spending the month of June back on its original route. No. 3 was constructed by the Henry Hughes company in Loughborough in 1878 and is the surviving member of the trio of locomotives that brought steam to the Dulas Valley for the first time.

The lack of freight workings is based on past experience when planned trips for the Railway’s heritage freight stock had to be cancelled on the day in favour of passenger trains to meet the demand of space for people to travel.

One of the features of the day will be some double heading of trains by No’s 3 and 10. Evidence of double heading by “Falcons” during the Corris’ history, even in its “golden age” before the First World War is scanty. One photograph exists of such a working on the bridge over the river Dyfi at Machynlleth but it is not known if this was a set-up for a commercial postcard. With the original route closed in 1948 memories of how trains worked have almost vanished but local tradition says that some trains were double headed at times of high demand, such as on market days in Machynlleth. It is suggested that on these occasions the pairing would work returning trains from Machynlleth as far as Maespoeth Junction. There with the most severe climbing over, including the 1 in 30 gradient on the approach to the Junction, which the current work on the Southern Extension will recreate, one locomotive would detach before the other took the trains on the rest of its journey to Corris and Aberllefenni.

It can be safely said that three locomotives in steam is a sight that has not been seen on the Corris in over a century and beyond living memory.

Visitors to the Gala will also be able to see the work being carried out by the Corris’ volunteer workforce including carriage number 24 which once complete will allow first class travel on the line for the first time in at least 90 years. The Railway’s Museum at Corris will be open, along with the sales area at which drinks and sweets will be on sale. It is a very short walk from the station to the village shop and cafe, and the “Slaters Arms” which until 1948 had its beer delivered by train with the barrels being rolled across the road from the level crossing opposite the pub. The Corris Craft Centre also has an excellent cafe and visitors may park their cars there and walk to the station down the zig-zag path (which is a steep journey on the return). Parking is available at the station and Lloyd’s bus service number 34 stops outside the station yard.

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