Progress With The Revival Of The Corris Railway August 2019

Falcon cylinders

Work has continued with the construction of the next steam engine for the revival of the Corris Railway, “Falcon” No. 10. Andy Cooper who is acting as the liaison between the Corris Railway Society and Alan Keef’s reports:

“Falcons have a rather odd arrangement whereby the cylinders fit into large slots cut in the front of the frames with headstock angle plates bolted on in front to trap the cylinder. Some of the current work being carried out at Alan Keef Ltd. is to do the necessary machining and creating the fixings to accommodate and secure the cylinders in this way including the fitted bolts needed for the front headstock angle plates. Other jobs being carried out now are machining a “lead” into the front of the cylinder bores, and drilling and tapping the remaining holes needed on the cylinders. The eccentric rods are being worked on and it is planned to fit all of the cylinder studs so that the various covers can be fitted and datums for setting up crossheads and slide bars can be established.”

As always progress with the construction of The Falcon Locomotive depends on the rate of fund raising and more information can be seen here on the Corris web site. Many of the motion parts have been manufactured and are ready for fitting.

Meanwhile the Corris’ volunteer workforce at Maespoeth Junction has continued to work on various projects. More internal fitting out has been carried out on carriage No. 23 for which, in addition, glazing has been prepared and is now being fitted. The other carriage under construction No. 24 has had its welded metal carcase completed and has been mounted on bogies. This allowed it to have its first journey on the running line, a round trip between Maespoeth Junction and Corris with Ruston Hornsby diesel No. 6 supplying the motive power. Work is also underway on reconstruction of a 2 plank waggon for use in gravity train demonstrations, galas and photo charters as required.

Another important job completed by volunteers is the construction of a fuel store at Maespoeth Junction, giving neater and drier accommodation for both coal and wood.

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