Progress With New Corris Railway Steam Locomotive

Falcon chassis at Keefs

With progress continuing on the construction of the new “Falcon” steam locomotive for the Corris Railway at the works of Alan Keef Ltd a financial target of £44,000 has been announced to complete work on the chassis, valve gear and motion. If this can be achieved before September 2020 it will be possible to see the wheels and motion moving by means of compressed air at the Open Day at Keef’s workshops near Ross-on-Wye.

Andy Cooper of the Corris Railway Society commented:

“Progress on number 10, the “Falcon”, has been going well and if we can raise the £44,000 sum we not only have the loco complete as to frames, wheels and motion but will also be getting closer to the point where we can unite this phase of the work with the boiler which we have already had constructed by Israel Newton. Our first target is to raise £8,000 by the end of January to complete the outside motion. The slidebars and mounting brackets for this element are completed, and the next stage is machining of the crosshead castings, gudgeon pins machining to suit, and a set of bronze slippers machining to suit. Finally all components will need assembly onto the cylinders and motion brackets which are already in place. After that work will turn to the inside motion. Many components for this have been manufactured already but even so completion will cost a further £22,000.”

Donations towards the “Falcon” can be made online at or cheques payable to Corris Railway can be sent to Peter Guest, 38 Underwood Close, Callow Hill, Redditch, B97 5YS. Peter can also supply details of regular payments by standing order and anyone able to pay £20 or more a month for 30 months will receive a limited edition print of number 10 by Jonathan Clay.

Corris Railway Station – The Next Steps

New Station Toilets

As part of its ongoing work to revive the oldest narrow gauge railway in Mid Wales the Corris Railway is looking to build a new station in the village of Corris itself, in place of the original which was demolished in 1968. Because of present day site restrictions it is not possible to completely recreate the former station as it was but the new structure will include an overall roof, a feature that made its predecessor an iconic part of the British narrow gauge scene.

The next phase will feature two aspects which have to be tackled and completed together. Patrick Jolley who is heading the project explained. “The new station will have a run round loop, including a traverser rather than a headshunt because of space restrictions, and a new platform. The twist in the plot is that we cannot build the run-round loop without changing the shape of the platform from a rather stubby triangle to a longer curve and there is no point in being able to have locomotives heading trains in both directions rather than propelling in one as is currently the case if passengers cannot board them. Loop and platform have to be done together.”

Patrick continued: “The works will cost £48,000 at current prices and thanks to a flow of donations including some very generous individual contributions we now have £20,000 to hand. Once we have the bulk of the funding in place and can commit to the work it will have to be done in a “window” between the end of December and the following Easter. All financial help is of course much appreciated as are offers of practical help with maintaining our existing tracks and future permanent way work.”

Donations towards the Corris Station project can be made online via the website or cheques payable to Corris Railway can be sent to Corris Railway, Station Yard, Corris, Machynlleth, SY20 9SH.